Sunday, February 28, 2010

Republican and Democratic Views on Education by: Amanda Mears

The democrats believe that providing every American with a “world-class” (DOP) education is their main goal. They also want to help more young adults attend higher education by helping the incredibly high tuition rates, by allowing Pell Grants to be more easily accessible. They believe that republicans are doing nothing help with the skyrocketing interest rates of loans. The president of the college of democrats stated that, “The republican party has… demonstrated how out of touch it is with real American values”. Meaning that republicans should care more about sending their students to college and letting them become tomorrow’s doctors, and lawyers, rather than pushing them farther and farther into financial debt (DOP). They also feel that republicans should explain why the republican congress has failed to make college more affordable for Americans. The democrats for education reform believes that we should be supporting excelling schools, and close down failing school. They believe that they should allow parents to choose where there education dollars are being spent, as do the republicans (DOP).
The republicans believe, in empowering parents, and letting teachers actually teach, which will eventually prepare students for success, and reach their full potential. In order to achieve this they feel that parents should have a larger role in their Childs education, and a bigger hand in picking who teaches their child and where. They also want teachers to be able to teach as they see fit, in their own way to ensure that students are getting the most out of their education. They also believe that the democrats are wrong in their belief that banks should be lending money to small businesses and not students (GOP). The republicans support the idea of school choice, by allowing parents choose where their students attend school, whether it is private or public. Another, very controversial issue that the republicans are very strong supporters of, is the voluntary choice to have prayer in school, initiated on the own students will (GOP). Their biggest concern is that the influence in families is heightened to encourage students to attend college, to get a higher education and have a more successful future.
Although the republicans and democrats have different views on education and different views on reform, they both have a clear idea that they want to improve the school
systems and rid the nation of failing schools. Even though they may have different ideas on how to do so, or different incentives to achieve this through their party, they are after similar goals, to improve the education system and encourage our students to go to college. They may think that they are complete opposites in every way, but they still have a need for education reform, in some way or the other.

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  1. It's interesting to read this, and see how Democrats so highly disapprove of the Republican's view on education. I wasn't aware of that previously. I noticed that the Republicans have a non-fiscal sense of the "trickle-down" effect when it comes to education, as well. If teachers and families are well informed, then this will pass on to the future generations. It's odd to see how linear the beliefs of the republicans are between education and tax reform.